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Historical Claims of Velvet Antler

The 3000-year-old book of the "Yellow Dragon"
  • Boost the will
  • Strengthen the muscles and bones
  • Cure general debility
  • Cure impaired vision
  • Cure impaired hearing
  • Treat rheumatism
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Delays the onset of senility
1930 Russian Study
  • Renders a therapeutic effect in various neurasthenic conditions
  • Vegetative neuroses
  • Correct functional disorders of the alimentary organs ( stomach, intestines)
  • Corrects some forms of hypertensive vascular disease
  • Occasional reference to use in helping with bone fractures.
Wong and Wu- 1936
  • Reported velvet antler to be sweet and warming with stimulant, diaphoretic, antiperodic, and astringent properties
  • Prescribed for convulsions with fever, colds, arthritis, deafness, dimness of vision and vertigo
  • Raises the tone and vigor of the human organism, improving the heat action, eliminating fatigue and weakness of the heart muscle.
  • Hastens the healing of abrasions
  • Patients given velvet antler show increased capacity for work, improved appetite, loss of apathy and nervousness
Li and Soon
  • Mention applications for the kidneys, lover, muscles, and bones
  • Properties include stimulating growth increasing red blood cells and enhancing the recovery of broken bones
Literature on Tibetan Medicine
  • Recommends use for children with diarrhea, vomiting, whooping cough and malaria
Nikitina 1974
  • Treats anemia, overfatigue, weakness of humans after infections
  • Treats failure of the heart and vascular systems
  • Accelerated healing of infected wounds
Skulkova 1982 "Handbook of Medicinal Preparations"
  • Licensed velvet antler for use in the USSR for cases of over-fatigue, neurasthenia, neurosis, weak condition and after acute infectious illnesses
Luick 1981
  • Shows effectiveness in cases of epilepsy, anemia, gout, deafness rheumatism, ulcers, headaches
  • Shows relief of hypertension
  • The alleviation of convulsions
  • Improvement in the rate of wound healing
  • Dissolving of bladder stones
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