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Hard Antler

"Hard antler" refers to elk antlers that have calcified. Each set of antlers, shed annually by bull elk, is unique.

Antler Art

Artists create beautiful items from these wonders of nature. In antler art, no two pieces are exactly alike because each is made from a natural, distinctive item.

The graceful chandeliers, coffee tables, and lamps created from hard antler complement many styles of furnishings. Some elk breeders sell sheds or harvested trophy antlers to companies that manufacture and sell antler art, and some create their own products to sell by mail order or at local outlets. Hard antler is also used to produce decorative items such as knives, jewelry, and buttons.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hard antler is also exported, where it is washed, dried, ground and reprocessed in the form of antler glue that is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote blood flow, lactation deficiency in women and body weakness

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